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Today is Solace’s 11th Birthday!

It always sneaks up on me and this year is no different. I feel very reflective this year, looking back at the years that have been. I bought the business as an optimistic, 25yr old. Inexperienced and pregnant with my 2nd child, I launched into what has been the craziest journey. I think I have made every mistake along the way and have, at times, let the stress of it all overwhelm me. It’s very humbling becoming aware of your limitations and facing your mistakes like a big girl, learning and growing. But a bumpy journey brings highs as well as lows. For every moment where I thought I should quit, another moment brought hope and a stubborn resolve to keep going. So many people helped me along the way, and for that, I’ll be ever grateful. Thanks to all my hard working staff who go the extra mile for me and encourage me during moments of stress and to my family and friends who have always been by my side, supporting and loving me, and of course, to all the amazing clients who are the reason we can celebrate yet another year. Thanks a million!!!

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